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Q: Who is going through the VOICE clinics?

A: All employees of Flagler Hospital are going through the 10 VOICE clinics, including all clinical and non-clinical areas, directors and members of the Administration team. VOICE classes are mandatory.

Q: Are the physicians participating in VOICE training?

A: Clinics 1 and 2 have been provided to many members of the medical staff. In addition, all of the doctors and ARNPs with First City Hospitalist Group participated in a physician-focused program based on VOICE principles. This program also included one-to-one shadowing and coaching. A Physician Experience Council, selected by nursing leadership, is also monitoring physician communication trends and working to develop further training opportunities. The Council's charter is to guide all members of the Flagler Hospital team, beginning with physicians, to build positive relationships with patients and families through evidence-based behaviors that help our patients become confident, empowered and engaged in their plans of care. This will drive improvement in patient and family satisfaction, as well as clinical outcomes.

Q: Why are we doing this?

A: Our patients and our employees are telling us that we can do better when it comes to working together and achieving the best possible experience for our patients, their family members and our own co-workers. The VOICE clinics are proven to:

  • Encourage teamwork & improve communication
  • Build employee buy-in
  • Develop managers as visible leaders, role-models, and performance developers
  • Create an integrated, patient-centered culture of empowered employees and patients
  • Set and achieve house-wide behavioral standards that foster the best place to work for staff and the best possible outcomes for patients.

Q: What is the process for signing up for the clinics?

A: Everyone should register for the clinics via NetLearning. Simply type VOICE in the search box to see when there are classes available. Approximately 30 sessions are held per month, allowing ample time for staff to complete a clinic. Each Clinic teaches specific behaviors using fun, interactive activities and proven methods. A new clinic will be introduced every month, for the next 10 months.

Q: What about new hires?

A: All new employees participate in Clinic 1 as part of their orientation. Once they start with your department, they should be assigned a coach. Other than taking clinic 1 first (because it sets up the whole program), new hires do not need to complete the clinics in order.