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With Patients:

It is important to convey to the patients that the goal is make them comfortable and to create a quiet environment.

“Rest is a very important part of your healing process, and your privacy is very important to us. So, unless you prefer otherwise, I would like to close your door to create a quiet environment for you.”

“Sometimes our voices seem louder at night, so please let us know if we are bothering you or if you cannot sleep.”

With Families and Visitors:

It’s important to develop key words when there are noisy roommates, family issues or too many visitors.

“We want to provide the best healing environment for all our patients. Would you mind lowering your noise level to help our other patients get the rest they need?”

“To ensure your roommate get the rest they need, would you mind lowering the TV volume?”

With Colleagues:

Sometimes staff are unaware of how their voice levels project and may need a gentle reminder from a colleague(s).

“You may not realize it, but our patients are trying to rest nearby, and we need to be quiet.”